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The Better Question is, “What Can't Guacamole Box Do?”

Boasting user customizable encryption up to 15,386 bits, yet exceedingly easy to deploy and use, myriad industries stand to gain from Guacamole Box. Our flexible connectivity is compatible with all major operating systems, is easily integrated into single sign-on or any two factor authentication, has native mobile support, is thin client compatible, and offers a defined custom bridge to network devices. 





Remote Workstations

Remote desktop gateway allows client machines to form peer to peer encrypted tunnels within their network.

Fully Customizable Workspaces

All platform subscriptions enjoy access to Guacamole Box Workspaces and the permissions manager, streamlining application and user management. Also available on AvoCloud.

Turbocharged Networks

Enable peer to peer distributive networks in which client machines contribute idle resources to network processes, and media recipients share data streams.

Video Conferencing and VM Driven Productivity Software

Unify virtual desktops and video conferencing into a single application. Our tunneled, encrypted video conferencing software brings much needed privacy to the remote workplace.

Consumer VMs and Streaming

Cut down on server hardware, provide low latency VMs and video streaming, and bring the thin client future to consumers.

Embedded Devices

Connect embedded devices, including public terminals, cash registers, and inventory scanners, to a central server allowing for integrated monitoring of business transactions across franchises and branches.






4K Streaming. 90 FPS. Low latency.


Consumer VMs and cloud gaming realized.

Guacamole Box enables your company to bring the cloud into the workplace and home with never before seen security, performance, and ease of use. Our customizable workspace container interface has realized the thin client future--see for yourself at the demo.



Built in Video Conferencing

Guacamole Box enables high quality video and audio streaming across encrypted tunneled connections--a never before achieved feat. AvoHub's integrated video conferencing, messaging, and dedicated remote desktop provider can be trialed on the demos, or on the public chatroom links below.  Grab a colleague and see for yourself! For best results use a fiber-optic internet connection.

Please note that moderation is not yet available--we make no warranties in regard to user experience!






Introducing Our Flagship Products.




Our core connectivity provider, AvoStream is a remote Gateway proxy providing peer to peer encrypted tunneled connections between network resources, advanced video streaming, and distributive networking--including GPU and media stream resource sharing. 

Starting at $10 per client license per month

Available in 30, 60 and 90 fps




Software bundle combing remote virtual desktop provider with custom CRM, hypervisor, and network subdomain.

Starting at $20 per client license per month

Available in 30, 60 and 90 fps




Prorating available! See Purchasing information.





Take a Trip to AvoCloud.





Guacamole Box offers cloud resources for enterprise and personal use. CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage are available, as are virtual machines, operating systems, dedicated application hosting, our customizable workspace container interface, and third party software bundles. 

Competitive and no-nonsense pricing.



Solutions For Enterprises Large and Small.






Remote desktop provider allows one to one connections to physical machines. More secure and easier to deploy than the competition. 

$1 per client connection per month. 

Available in 30 fps at 1080p. Limited to 10 licenses per customer.




Upgrade providing distributive network with peer to peer dynamic resource sharing.

+$5/month per client license


Remote virtual desktop provider with limited video streaming capability. Affordable, and ideal for small enterprises or network configuration testing.

Starting at $5 per client connection per month.

Available in 30 fps at 1080p. Limited to 10 licenses per customer.









Stand-alone solutions are available.








Deliver the thin client future to large customer bases with 90fps, low latency, encrypted, dedicated application hosting and customizable workspace container interfaces. AvoMedia is a standalone solution that reduces customer hardware needs and server-side load with proprietary GPU sharing technology. Try our cloud gaming demo!

Available with custom contracts only.







Custom defined bridge brings the network to its devices without device side installation. Connectivity bridges disparate physical networks and allows for permissions designations to third parties. Compatibility extends to office as well as industrial and infrastructure devices. Presently available with custom orders only.






And more! Custom solutions are available in the realms of cloud hosting, virtualization, media production and streaming, and IT network integration. Request a stand-alone solution or custom contract.










Fully Customizable Workspaces Container Interface. 

With Guacamole Box Workspaces.