About Us


We are a team of software engineers who believe workplace connectivity is ripe for innovation. The software of yesteryear is too clunky, too slow, too slate gray. Workplace software should be sleek, easy, affordable, and even light hearted. We invite you to join us in making work easier, more enjoyable, and more productive in an ever increasingly connected world. Our development team is led by an original creator of the Guacamole platform, which went on to become Guacamole Apache™. He holds a Ph.D. in cloud computing from MIT and 83 IT and computer application development certifications, created over 2000 private corporate and government applications, developed over 300 different cryptographic algorithms, and designed and implemented custom communications systems for over 400 small businesses, major corporations, and governments. We’re lucky to have him on board the Guacamole Box team, where together we pride ourselves in providing the very best connectivity to entities small and large around the world.