Software Platform Overview


Guacamole Box is a software platform providing virtual connectivity to workplace and consumer network processes. AvoStream is the flagship product and the foundation of the platform’s capabilities. It enables remote computerized workstations and point of sale devices to access and manipulate centrally stored applications and data using encrypted tunnels.

The network uses peer-to-peer traffic routing boosting network speeds and eliminating the need for additional hardware and cloud resources. Distributive networking crosses hardware platforms and disparate physical networks, dynamically sharing GPU, CPU, and RAM, increasing the capabilities of individual network resources, and improving processing times, data speeds, and latency. Downstream media recipients synchronize and share downloaded data, decreasing buffer times and offloading central servers.

AvoStream is readily deployed using a single shell script and is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile operating systems, including full control pass through on mobile. Client machines do not require any installation or scripts, and connect to the network via web browser. These features are complemented by the best security and encryption commercially available--tunneled connectivity ensures that sensitive data stays centralized while the peer to peer nature of the network, in combination with proprietary 15,386 bit encryption, ensures that third parties are unable to locate data streams, let alone intercept or decode them.

Network connections allow for full PCI pass through with high quality audio and up to 4k video streaming. Frame rates up to 90 fps may be realized. In conjunction with GPU resource sharing, the video streaming capabilities of the platform promise to radically alter IT networks catering to media production ventures, design firms, AI research and operation, and other ventures. 

The platform has native mobile support and is fully compatible with thin clients. Thin clients can connect either via a web browser or using a dedicated client application. Thin client resource requirements are minimal, and AvoStream can salvage legacy systems by converting outdated hardware into client machines which then access server or cloud-based virtual machines. 

All platform installations include access to Guacamole Box Workspaces, which providers a customized workspace container interface. This is a user friendly, customizable, tile-based, application-hosting program that provides user friendly curation and access to productivity and/or leisure applications.  A robust set of admin tools are available which allow total flexibility in creating virtual workstations. All platform installations also include access to an online permissions manager.

Networks may be supplemented with resources available at the AvoCloud storefront. Storage, RAM, CPU and GPU licensing are offered. VMs are available and can be setup for dedicated application hosting, Guacamole Box Workspaces, and manually installed with Mac, or automatically installed with Linux or Windows. The storefront offers licensing for the Microsoft Office and Adobe Software bundles. Pricing is competitive and promises an attractive alternative to onsite IT.

AvoStream is bundled into AvoSuite with multiple additional workplace applications and features. A custom KVM-backed operating system, Shell’d, provides both bare metal hypervisor and Docker/Kubernetes functionality. It provides full stack virtualization and the ability to run Linux directly on the hypervisor stack. Shell’d can natively boot thin clients from the Hypervisor stack using an IPXE boot. Also included is AvoHub, an application enabling group video conferencing over encrypted tunnels. It includes a one-click dedicated remote virtual desktop connection, and the application can convert clients into remotely controllable workstations, including access to the native computer OS and applications. Other bundled features include push notifications, a custom CRM, and the option to create a custom subdomain for client machine login.

To the best of our knowledge the platform has universal compatibility with third party applications. The platform enables access to Google Workspace, Salesforce, electronic medical records, 3D modeling software,  video production software, AI processes, video games, and virtually all other relevant workplace and consumer applications.

The Platform has two product offerings for small networks and for network dev, in the forms of AvoBasic and AvoPlus. AvoBasic functions as a pared down version of AvoStream, and is a remote desktop provider without virtualization capabilities. It can only connect clients to physical machines. AvoPlus is essentially AvoStream but with network and performance limitations. These options are affordable and are ideal for small businesses.

Two additional standalone products offer tailored network solutions. AvoMedia is a connectivity provider for consumer dedicated application hosting. The performance of the connectivity promises the “thin client future” in which consumers no longer maintain extensive computer resources at home, rather licensing them from the cloud. The video performance and low latency enable video streaming and gaming on fiber optic connections. AvoNet is a second standalone product that provides a custom bridge for network device management.

Our development team is led by an original creator of the Guacamole platform, which went on to become Guacamole Apache™. He holds a Ph.D. in cloud computing from MIT, has earned 83 IT and computer application development certifications, created over 2000 private corporate and government applications, developed over 300 different cryptographic algorithms, and designed and implemented custom communications systems for over 400 small businesses, major corporations, and governments. We’re lucky to have him on board the Guacamole Box team, where together we pride ourselves in providing the very best connectivity to entities small and large around the world.


Sizing Up the Competition

Superior encryption. Full PCI pass through. Distributive networking. Flexible deployment. Built in customizable interface. Full stack virtualization. No minimum user number to purchase. Not only does Guacamole Box offer elite connectivity for a fraction of the price of its competitors, but our platform pushes the bounds of client tunneling well beyond that which has ever been achieved.






Guacamole Box

Minimum Client License Purchase Number




User Customizable Encryption

Up to 256-bit

15, 386-bit

Installs with a Single Shell Script
Runs without Client Machine Installation or Scripts
Peer to Peer Network Traffic Routing
Distributive Network with Resource Sharing Available
PCI (Video Card) Pass Through


90 fps Video Streaming with High Quality Audio
Integrated Productivity Software Available
Doesn't Need Additional Hardware Installation
Runs without a Central Server or Cloud Resources 
Integrated One Click Conversion of Remote Desktops into Controllable Workstations
Native Mobile Support
Runs on Mobile DevicesLimited Support
Runs on all Embedded Systems Released After Year 2000

Limited Support



Guacamole Box -- The Specifics

Table of Contents                                                           

  1. AvoStream
    • 1a. Video Streaming Capabilities
    • 1b. Peer-to-peer Networking Capabilities
    • 1c. Distributive Networking Capabilities
    • 1d. Hardware and Software Requirements
    • 1e. Software Setup
    • 1f. Operation and Network Management
    • 1g. Updates and Repeat Setup
    • 1h. Network Performance
  2. AvoSuite
    • 2a. Push Notifications
    • 2b. Custom Subdomain
    • 2c. Platform Hosting
    • 2d. Native to Virtual Machine File Transfers
    • 2e. Shell'd Hypervisor
    • 2f. AvoHub Video Conferencing
    • 2g. Client Relations Manager
  3. AvoCloud
  4. AvoMedia
  5. AvoNet
  6. Guacamole Box Platform Licensing and User Agreements

1. AvoStream

The Guacamole Box software platform is built upon connectivity provided by our core product AvoStream. It enables client machines to form encrypted, tunneled, peer to peer connections allowing client machines--representative of users, point of sale devices, automated workplaces processes, or AI--to securely access and manipulate centrally hosted applications, data, and computing resources. The encryption algorithms are magnitudes of order more secure that the market standard, and the software excels in business environments in which legally or commercially sensitive data must remain centralized. Of key interest to customers will be applications in the domains of productivity software such as Google Workspace, client relations managers such as Salesforce, financial data management, electronic medical records such as Epic or Cerner, and artificial intelligence. AvoStream is broadly compatible with both server and cloud based apps, readily integrates with token-based single sign-on or any two factor authentication, and allows for custom cloud solutions.

1a. Video Streaming Capabilities

Encrypted tunnels are able to pass video streams using hardware acceleration. Full PCI (video card) pass through enables up to 90 fps and up to 4k video quality. High speed internet is required by client machines and tunnel destinations to realize the best available stream quality.

1b. Peer-to-Peer Networking Capabilities

The peer-to-peer nature of the network, in which client machines connect directly to tunnel destinations, offloads traffic normally routed through central servers; the effect is enhanced processing speeds and security, reduced latency, and decreased hardware needs. Furthermore, regardless of tunnel exit destinations, clients are able to share mutual data streams horizontally, a process that includes, but is not limited to, the passing of video streams.

1c. Distributive Networking Capabilities

Avostream provides advanced distributive networking in which individual network resources, including clients, servers, and cloud resources, are able to contribute idle CPU and GPU to active network processes; this serves to improve processing times, data speeds, and latency. Resource sharing is dynamic, automatically responding in real time to network requests. This is ideal in supporting demanding computational processes such as video rendering or the operation of AI. Distributive compatability extends beyond physical networks and CPU/GPU hardware artchitecture, and works regardless of network permissions configurations, traffic routing, or the presence or absence of a physical or cloud based central server. It does not affect network security or necessitate any change in security protocols.

1d. Hardware and Software Requirements

The minimum needs for an AvoBasic setup is a single PC with 2GB of ram and 500MB of available storage, that is installed with a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system. Client machines require an internet browser and one of the Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile operating systems. Compatible browsers include all up to date versions of the major browsers. There is no necessity for a physical central server, domain controller, logging server, cloud resources, or client-side installation or scripts.

1e. Platform Setup

AvoStream setup can be either default or customized.

Default Setup: The customer creates a login and password, and purchases a software subscription with a desired resource configuration and number of client licenses on the MyAccount page. The customer should identify which computers, servers, and cloud resources are to host encrypted tunneled connections. They should then download the AvoStram shell script directly from our website onto each of the chosen resources. Upon purchase of at least one client license the shell script becomes operable and initiates a full AvoStream setup. Client Machines connect to the network via web browser and do not require any additional setup. Network managers should obtain one client license for each user or simultaneous connection on the network. For networks connecting point of sales devices, or other embedded devices such as inventory trackers or public terminals, an additional setup file must be obtained from the downloads page.

Thin Client Setup: Coming soon!

Custom Setup: Guacamole Box offers custom setup for eligible networks. Customers requiring a custom solution should send a query to Guacamole Box detailing their unique needs using the sales page. A member of our team will contact you as soon as we are able. Custom setups are subject to special fees.

1f. Operation and Network Management

Upon successful purchase of client licenses Guacamole Box account holders may access a network permissions manager accessible from their subdomain, the URL of which can be found on the My Account page. The permissions manager lists all available client licenses and automatically connects to all network resources that have run the AvoStream shell script. Account holders may designate admins to manage client license permissions. Within the manager each client license can be assigned to: one, a user email that is then used for network log in; two, a single AvoStream-shell-script-enabled network resource, which then serves as the destination for that client license's tunneled connections; and three, meta tags for organization. At any time user passwords may be reset and client license permissions may be adjusted.

If account holders desire to change their subscription then they may do so with the subscription manager on the My Account page. The numbers of client licenses may be adjusted at any time, as can whether the account is subscribed to AvoSuite. Please see the purchasing page and read the licensing agreements for information on the charges involved with adjusting a subscription.

Client machines may access the network with one of two methods. Designated network terminals in which users must log in to begin work may be installed with a customized OAuth protocol such that successful login triggers subsequent login to an AvoStream-enabled network. Such an OAuth protocol needs to be created by network admins. The other method entails a user accessing the account holders' subdomain within a web browser. From there they may use their email to log into an AvoStream-enabled network for which they have permissions; such will then trigger a standardized OAuth protocol to enter their network.

Further network customization must be performed on the level of a central server or a cloud. This includes the option to deploy and host Guacamole Box Workspaces. Applications management and implementation of two step authentication solutions, for example Duo Mobile or YubiKey, are standard and easily integrated. 

Additional network customizations include the following. For networks in which operators wish to limit use of video streaming, bandwidth can be throttled to effectively limit such activity. In networks with active directories, the performance of distributive networking is impacted by enabling or disabling resource sharing. With resource sharing disabled, AvoStream will still provide a modest network optimization with a limited deployment of distributive networking; opting for such does not provide any security benefits. Conversely when resource sharing is enabled, the full benefits of distributive networking may be realized without any resultant change in the level of network security.

1g. Updates and Repeat Setup

Whenever an update for any Guacamole Box product is available an email will be sent to account holders; in addition, when they log in to their Avostream-enabled network they will receive a notification that an update is available. On active directory-based connections the network admin may launch the update. At any time, and without restriction, account holders may download the AvoStream shell script to perform a repeat or new setup.  

1h. Network Performance

AvoStream network performance is dependent upon the following metrics: user/process internet bandwidth, RAM belonging to devices sharing a tunneled connection, and application compatibility and performance. Network performance may be improved by acquiring more bandwidth, more network resources, or by ensuring that client machines possess the minimum amount of GPU required to display a desired video stream resolution.

2. AvoSuite

AvoSuite is a software and permissions bundle that meets advanced enterprise IT network needs. The connectivity is provided by AvoStream as detailed above, but additionally AvoSuite includes permissions sets that enable network operators to send push notifications, to create a custom subdomain (as opposed to a randomly generated subdomain), and to host the platform entirely on their own servers. Additional software includes our custom hypervisor, video conferencing software, and CRM. To upgrade an existing AvoStream-enabled network with AvoSuite, account managers should log in to their account page and activate AvoSuite. Such a purchase will be prorated on a monthly basis and will immediately upgrade their network without refreshing encrypted tunnels or necessitating repeat setup of Guacamole Box. Upgrading to AvoSuite uniformly provides add-on access to all client licenses.

2a. Push Notifications

AvoSuite unlocks the ability to send push notifications to any client machine on the network. Push notifications can be enabled by account holders/admins using the permissions manager at their subdomain. Automation is supported.

2b. Custom Subdomain

AvoSuite account holders are able to select a custom subdomain. Network admins access the ability to do so through the permissions manager.

2c. Platform Hosting

A third premission unlocked by an AvoSuite subscription is the ability of account holders to move platform hosting from Guacamole Box servers to the account holder's servers. To initiate such, network admins should download the platform iso from the download page.

2d. Native to Virtual Machine File Transfers

AvoSuite includes a permission that allows users to transfer files between native machines and virtual machines. This functionality can be deactivated by network admins.

2e. Shell'd Hypervisor

A custom KVM based hypervisor called Shell'd is included in the AvoSuite bundle. Network admins may opt to use Shell'd on the permissions manager page. Upon enabling the hypervisor the Guacamole Box shell script initiates a Shell'd download.

2f. AvoHub Video Conferencing

AvoHub is a productivity program integrating video conferencing, chat, and a dedicated remote desktop provider. The connectivity is peer-to-peer, and a central server is not required to synthesize streams and data feeds. The video conferencing interface has has a one-click launchable pop-up window with a remote desktop. Once a remote desktop has been launched, there is a one click function to allow other connected users to control that remote desktop.

AvoHub's requirements are as follows: 2GB of ram, 500MB of free storage, any one of the Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile operating systems, an up to date version of any of the major internet browsers, and an internet connection. There is no necessity for a physical central server, domain controller, logging server, or for any cloud resources. Upon activation of an AvoSuite subscription, a unique account-specific URL is generated and listed at the My Account page. Email addresses that have been allocated a client license are granted access to an AvoHub portal at the URL. Video chatrooms are created, named, and accessed by users at their AvoHub portal.

Standalone AvoHub Permissions Tiers: AvoHub's standalone version is available on AvoCloud. It has three levels of access. In order to run, a network must have at least one “host,” or full license. Hosts have full access to video conferencing. Each host license can have any number of associated “participant” licenses associated with it. Each participant license permits one unique email address to log into an AvoHub network. These licenses are less expensive, have full access to video conferencing, and may edit project files, but cannot upload and download project files. There is a permissions manager within the application where these email addresses and their passwords can be designated. Finally “guest” licenses are free, and may be added (or blocked) to any video conferencing session up to a maximum video chat capacity of 300. Guests can listen to and view conferencing and project files, but cannot speak or manipulate project files. The Table below details the three access tiers.



AvoHub Standalone Version--Access Tiers
Access TierPermissions
HostFull participation in video conferencing; may upload, edit, and download project files
ParticipantFull participation in video conferencing; may edit project files but not upload or download files
GuestMay view video conferencing and project files, but may not speak or alter project files                          


2g. Client Relations Manager

A custom CRM is included in the AvoSuite bundle. Network admins may opt to use the CRM on the permissions manager page. Upon enabling the CRM the Guacamole Box shell script initiates a CRM download.

3. AvoCloud

The AvoCloud Storefront is a free to access cloud resources marketplace available to all account holders. We offer computer resources--storage, RAM, CPU, and GPU--that is available in bundles or for individual purchase. Available virtualization solutions include AvoMedia-enabled connections to dedicated application hosting, to Guacamole Box Workspaces, or to virtual machines enabled with Windows or the operating systems of users' choices. Third party software bundles include the Microsoft Office and Adobe suites. Devices used to access dedicated application hosting or virtual machines require 2 gigabytes of Ram, 500mg of available storage, and an internet browser. Compatible browsers include all up to date versions of the major browsers.

Following a successful purchase of AvoCloud resources account holders may manage permissions as follows. By default all licensed resources are either held ready for deployment, or are allocated to virtual machines hosted by AvoCloud. By default these resources function as a distributive network. If desired, on the MyAccount page, CPU, RAM, GPU, and storage licensed from AvoCloud may be allocated to onsite or third party network resources--provided that those resources possess an AvoStream setup. Note that onsite and third party resources cannot distribute into AvoCloud hosted resources. VMs are managed under account holders' subdomain. Users access licensed VMs through those subdomains and then use their emails as logins. At any time account holders may increase or decrease the cloud resources within their AvoCloud subscription; please see purchasing for information on the charges involved.

AvoCloud Network performance is dependent upon the following metrics: user/process internet bandwidth, RAM belonging to devices accessing cloud resources, and application compatibility and performance. While dedicated application hosting, Guacamole Box Workspaces, and VMs are available to account holders that have not subscribed to the Guacamole Box Software Platform, the purely computational resources--GPU, CPU, storage, and RAM--are not available to networks that are not enabled with the Guacamole Box Software Platform.

4. AvoMedia

AvoMedia is an enterprise level custom solution for marketing of dedicated application hosting. It provides high quality connections for media consumption and is capable of supporting both video streaming and gaming. AvoMedia enabled platforms enjoy all of the resource sharing and distributive networking provided by AvoStream. AvoMedia is billed on a per user application basis.

5. AvoNet

AvoNet is a custom defined bridge that establishes remote connectivity to network devices. It does so without device-side installation, and the network can bridge disparate physical networks without opening firewall ports. It does not require a central server to be deployed, and its permissions manager allows for third party network access. Deployment and subsequent network device control requires network layout expertise.  The product is available with custom orders only and billing can be made on either a per client license or a per server basis depending upon enterprise size. The network has numerous applications as listed below.

Select product applications include:

  • Network integration over printers and scanners across disparate physical locations
  • Realtime control over electronic marquees, price signs, and self-service machines
  • Manually accessing aggregated POS data (but not in real time--needs AvoStream)
  • Realtime remote access to network based video feeds, including security cameras

…And much more! Contact us for an in depth discussion of how AvoNet can integrate your network.

6. Guacamole Box Platform Licensing and User Agreements

Please refer to Terms and Conditions.